Windows Lab 5 - Managing Sites


In this lab we're going to learn how to use Active Directory Sites and Services to create a digital representation of the physical sites in our organization. This will help optimize the login process and replication between server. We're going to pretend we have two physical sites in our network, Queensbury and Wilton. Server01 will be in Queensbury and Server02 will be in Wilton.

Rename the Default Site to Queensbury

When we first created our domain a site named Default-First-Site-Name was created for us. Now we're going to rename it Queensbury.

Power on both servers and log into Server01. If Server Manager doesn't open automatically open it now. In Server Manager click the Tools dropdown and click Active Directory Sites and Services.

In Active Directory Sites and Services, branch open Sites, then right click on Default-First-Site-Name and click Rename. Type in Queensbury and hit enter.

Create a Site for Wilton

We have one site name Queensbury, now we're going to create a new site for Wilton.

Right click on Sites and click New Site.

Type in Wilton for the name of the site. Select the site link named DEFAULTIPSITELINK, and click Ok.

After creating the site a message will appear that will let you know that you need to complete a few more steps after creating a site. We'll need to create a Subnet for Wilton and we'll need to add a server to the site. We're going to perform those steps next. Click Ok.

Now we have two sites in Active Directory. We need to create subnets and link them to these sites.

Create Our Subnets and Link them to the Sites

Currently there are no subnets in Active Directory Sites and Services. We need to add two subnets. The subnets are used to help direct clients to the correct login servers. We don't want our device crossing a slower WAN link for the authentication process. If we had multiple subnets per site we can add them here and link them to the appropriate sites. Add the following subnets and link them to the appropriate sites.

    • - Queensbury

    • - Wilton

Right click on Subnets and click New Subnet.

Type in for the subnet used at Queensbury. Select the Queensbury site then click Ok. Then create another Subnet for and link it to Wilton.

When you're done you'll have two subnets and two sites as seen below. Now all we have left to do is move Server02 to the Wilton site.

Move Server02 to the Correct Site

Server02 is currently located under Queensbury, we want to move it to Wilton. This will represent the physical location of the server.

Branch open Queensbury and Servers then right click on Server02 and click Move.

Select Wilton and click Ok.

Active Directory Sites and Services has been properly configured. Woot!

Changing the Replication Interval

One of the advantages of putting servers in different sites in Active Directory Sites and Services is it will reduce the amount data replicated between sites. Since a WAN link may be slower this might be a wanted side affect. For the purposes of this class we don't want to slow down replication, so we're going to change the replication interval from 3 hours to 15 minutes.

Branch open Inter-Site Transports and select IP. Right click on DEFAULTIPSITELINK and select Properties.

Change Replicate every from 180 to 15. Click Ok.

Now we have Active Directory Sites and Services setup for our environment.

Once you're complete shut down both servers and take snap shots of both machines called Lab 5 Complete.


Answer the lab questions.

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