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Windows Lab 07 - Creating Client01


In our past labs we have been working with our servers.  We are at a point where we can introduce our first client computer.  In this lab we will create a Windows 8.1 computer and join it to the domain.  The high level steps are the following:
  • Create virtual machine for Client01
  • Install Windows 8.1 on Client01
  • Install Guest Additions
  • Change the timezone on Client01
  • Verify network connectivity
  • Join Client01 to the domain
  • Login to the domain as administrator
  • Login to the domain as msmith and verify his home drive is working

Create Virtual Machine for Client01

In the VirtualBox Manager start the Create Virtual Machine wizard (Ctrl + N).  Name the virtual machine Client01 and set the version to Windows 8.1 (64 bit).  Click Next.

Keep the default settings for RAM. (2048 MB).  Click Next.

Create a virtual hard drive.  Click Create.

Choose the default option for the hard drive type. (VDI)  Click Next.

Keep the default option of Dynamically allocated for how the virtual hard drive is stored on the physical hard drive.  Click Next.

Keep the default for the hard drive size. (25 GB)  Click Create.

We need to change some of the settings on the virtual machine.  Let's go into the network settings by clicking Network in Client01's properties.

Change the Attached to drop down to Internal Network.  This will put our client computer on the same network as our servers.  Then set Promiscuous Mode to Allow All.  Promiscuous Mode will allow the devices to talk to each other on the network.  Click OK.  

We are almost ready to install Windows 8.1.  Before we can install the operating system we need to put the Windows 8.1 DVD in the virtual DVD drive.  Click Storage in Client01's properties.

In the storage properties click the DVD drive on the left, then click the DVD drop down on the right to browser for the Windows 8.1 DVD.  You will find the DVD in C:\CIS232.  Click OK.

Install Windows 8.1 on Client01

We can install Windows 8.1 on our virtual machine now.  Start your virtual machine and use the following settings while installing Windows 8.1.
  • Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)
  • Drive setup: Select Drive 0 and click Next
  • PC name: Client01
  • Settings: Use express settings
  • Your account: Create local account
    • User name: admin
    • Password: P@ssw0rd
    • Password hint: P@
Client01 - Install Windows 8.1

Install Guest Additions

Now we need to install Guest Additions on our virtual machine, to start this insert the CD in the virtual drive.  You can do this by clicking the Devices drop down menu in the Client01 window and clicking Inset Guest Additions CD Image...  Nothing will happen, proceed to the next step.

Run VBoxWindowsAdditions from Client01's DVD drive.  Choose all default options, restart when complete.  Log back in when the client starts back up then proceed to the next step.
Client01 - Install Guest Additions

Change the Timezone on Client01

Change the timezone to Eastern Time.
Client01 - Change Timezone

Verify Network Connectivity

Before we can join our client to the domain we want to make sure we can talk to a domain controller.  Open the command prompt and type ipconfig, and make sure you have and IP address that starts with 192.168.10.  If you don't then there is a problem with your setup and you will need to fix it before you proceed.  If you have a valid IP address then try pinging server01.  If it works you can proceed to the next step.
Client01 - Verify Network Connectivity

Join Client01 to the Domain

Use the System Properties to join Client01 to  When prompted for a password use administrator and P@ssw0rd.  You will be prompted to restart the client to complete the process.  Once it restarts proceed to the next step before logging in.
Client01 Join Client01 to the Domain

Login to the Domain as Administrator

When the client comes back up, by default it will want you to sign into the local admin account.  We need to login using the domain administrator account instead.  Login using as the username and P@ssword as the password.
Client01 - Login to the Domain

Login to the Domain as MSmith and Verify His Home Drive is Working

In previous labs we created user accounts and setup home folders for those users.  We're going to log in as Mike Smith and make sure his home folder is working.  Log out of administrator and log in as MSmith.  Make sure MSmith has an H drive.
Client01 - Verify Home Drive

Shutdown Client01

Once you verify the H drive is there shutdown Client01.
Client01 - Shutdown Client01


Answer the lab questions.

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