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Windows Lab 05 - Managing Sites


In this lab we're going to learn how to use Active Directory Sites and Services to create the physical sites in our organization. We're going to pretend we have two physical sites in our network, Queensbury and Wilton.  The high level steps are the following:
  • Rename the default site to Queensbury
  • Create a site for Wilton
  • Create our subnets and link them to the sites
  • Move Server02 to the correct site

Rename the Default Site to Queensbury

When we first created our domain a site was created for us.  Rename the default site to Queensbury.
Server01 - Rename Default Site

Create a Site for Wilton

Now we're going to create our second site.  Create a site for Wilton.
Server01 - Create New Site

Create Our Subnets and Link them to the Sites

Currently there are no subnets in Active Directory Sites and Services.  We need to add two subnets.  Add the following subnets and link them to the appropriate sites.
  • - Queensbury
  • - Wilton
Server01 - Create Subnets

Move Server02 to the Correct Site

Move Server02 to Wilton.  
Server01 - Move Server


Answer the lab questions.

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