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Windows Lab 02 - Creating Server02


In this lab we will be creating our second server named Server02.  We are going to create this server using a different method then we did with Server01.  We are going to clone Server01.  The high level steps are the following:
  • Clone Server01
  • Sysprep Server02
  • Rename the server to Server02
  • Change Server02's IP address
  • Disable the firewall on Server01 and Server02
  • Ping Server02 from Server01
  • Fix timezone on both servers

Clone Server01

At the end of the last lab we turned off Server01.  If Server01 is on turn it off before proceeding.  Once the server is off, right click on Server01 in VirtualBox Manager and click Clone.

On the Clone Virtual Machine windows type in Server02 for name, and check the box to reinitialize the MAC address.  Click Next.

We are going to choose the option to do a full clone.  Click Clone.

The clone process will start.  If you get any errors during this process we may have to shut down the VirtualBox Manager and edit the configuration file for Server01 manually.

Sysprep Server02

Once the server is cloned you will see Server02 listed in the inventory.  Start Server02 keeping Server01 off for now.

We will need to fix some things after the cloning process.  Both Server01 and Server02 have the same SID which is a unique number that identifies the computer.  We need to run a program called sysprep to regenerate a new SID.  Using PowerShell run sysprep from the C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep directory.  
  • cd \
  • cd Windows\System32\sysprep
  • .\sysprep
Choose Enter System Out-of-Box Expeirence (OOBE) and check the box for Generalize. Choose Reboot and click OK.
Server02 - Sysprep Part 1
Once sysprep finishes you will be presented with a startup wizard.  Use the P@ssw0rd password.  Log into Server02.
Server02 - Sysprep Part 2

Rename the Server to Server02

Use the System Manager to rename the server to Server02.  Renaming the server will require restarting the virtual server.  After it restarts log back in as administrator and proceed to the next step.
Server02 - Rename Server02

Change Server02's IP Address

Change the IP address of the server. 
  • IP:
  • Subnet:
  • Gateway:
  • DNS:
Server02 - Change IP

Disable the Firewall on Server01 and Server02

Switch back to VirtualBox Manager start Server01. Log in to Server01 and disable the firewall.  Disable the firewall on Server02 as well. 
Server01 & Server02 - Disable Firewall

Ping Server02 from Server01

Make sure you can ping Server02 from Server01. If you are unable to ping the server then verify the IP settings on both servers.  If you are still unable to ping the server then make sure both network cards are set to Internal Network.  Also make sure both servers don't have the same MAC address.  This would happen if the reinitialize the MAC address option wasn't checked during the cloning process.  Do not continue until you are able to ping the server.  
Server01 - Ping Server02

Fix Timezone on Both Servers

In Windows Server 2012 R2 and earlier the default time zone has been Pacific.  This is because Microsoft's home office is in the Pacific time zone.  We need to change the time zone to Eastern.  Set both servers to the Eastern Time Zone.
Server01 & Server02 - Change Timezone


Answer the lab questions.

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