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Windows Lab 10 - Backup


In this lab will learn how to backup our precious servers. 
  • Backup important files with Shadow Copy
  • Restore data using Shadow Copy
  • Backup the entire system
  • Restore data from backup

Backup Important Files with Shadow Copy

We can use Shadow Copy to take snapshots of our data at regular intervals.  Before we can use this feature we need to turn it on.  Enable Shadow Copy of the C drive on Server01.
Server01 - Enable Shadow Copy

Log into Client01 as Mike Smith and make a document on his H drive and enter some information in it.
Client01 - Create Document

Normally Shadow Copy will take snapshots of the data at scheduled times, but we're going to force it to take snapshots to demonstrate what it's doing.  On Server01 create a new Shadow Copy of the C drive.
Server01 - Create 1st Shadow Copy

Switch back to Client01 and add some text to your document.
Client01 - Edit Document

Create another new Shadow Copy on the C drive of Server01.
Server01 - Create 2nd Shadow Copy

Restore Data Using Shadow Copy

Now we have two snapshots that should contain two different versions of the document we created.  On Client01 delete the document you created from the H drive.  Then you should be able to restore the document using Shadow Copy.  Delete the file on Client01 and use Shadow Copy to restore it.  
 Client01 - Restore Using Shadow Copy

Notice that you are able to perform this restore as a user.  An administrator doesn't have to get involved with this level of data restoration.

Backup the Entire System

Before we can backup the entire system we need to shut down Server01 and attach a new 500GB hard drive.  In VirtualBox Manager select Server01 and click Storage.

Select the SATA controller and click the icon to add a hard drive.  This will start the add hard drive wizard.

Choose "Create new disk"

Select "VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image)"

Choose "Dynamically allocate"

Change the name of the drive to "Backup" and set the size to 500.00 GB

Click OK.  Start Server01 back up.

Next we will look at how to use Windows Server Backup to back up our entire server.  Before we can use this feature we need to install it.  Use the Add Roles and Features to install the Windows Server Backup feature on Server01.
Server01 - Install Windows Backup

Use Windows Server Backup to schedule a backup using default options, then do a manual backup of the entire server.  Store the backups on the new 500GB hard drive.
Server01 - Using Windows Server Backup

Restore Data from Backup

Delete your document on Client01.
Client01 - Delete your document

On Server01 use Windows Server Backup to restore your file.

Server01 - Restore Using Windows Server Backup

Verify the data has been restored properly on Client01.
Client01 - Test File Restore


Answer the lab questions.

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