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Linux Lab 01 - Installing Linux


In this lab we're going to create a virtual machine for Linux and install Mint on it.  Once we're done we will be able to log into our virtual machine using our own account we created during the install. 

Create the Virtual Machine

Create a new virtual machine in VirtualBox.  Set the name to Mint, the type to Linux and the version to Linux 2.6 / 3.x (64 bit).

Set the RAM to 2048MB

Choose Create a virtual hard drive now.

Choose VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) for the image type.

Choose Dynamically allocated for the virtual hard drive.

Set the size of the hard drive to 60GB.

Once the machine is created we need to change a setting in the display section.  Click Display.

Turn on Enable 3D Acceleration, then click OK.

Our Linux virtual machine is ready to go.  The last step we need to do before we can turn it on is to put in the Linux disk.  Click Storage.

Put the Linux disk in the drive.

Install Mint Linux

Start your virtual machine with the Mint Linux disk in the drive.  

The disk will boot into a usable live version of Mint running from the disk. Run the Install Linux Mint from the desktop and follow the prompts in the installation wizard.  

When you start the install routine you will be asked a few questions.  The first is your language. 

Verify you fulfill all the requirements to install Mint then click Continue.  If there are any problems make sure you fix them before proceeding. 

Make sure Erase disk and install Linux Mint is selected and click Install Now.

When it asks you to confirm the changes to the disk click Continue.

Select "New York" for the region and click Continue.

Verify the keyboard is set to English (US) and click Continue.

Create yourself a username using the P@ssw0rd password.  Don't forget what you choose for the username.  Click Continue.

When the install is complete click Restart Now

Below is a video that shows the entire install process.
Mint - Installing Linux

Logging into Linux

After the install turn your Linux virtual machine back on.  When the log in screen appears log in with the account you created during the install.

Here is a video that shows what the graphical log in process should look like.
Mint - First Login

You can press Ctrl + Alt + F1 to switch to a terminal session 1 (tty1).  Press Ctrl + Alt + F8 to switch you back to the graphical session and sign in.  Once you're signed in open the terminal.  Using the terminal update the Linux install to the latest version.  sudo apt-get update && echo y | sudo apt-get upgrade

During the update you may be asked to modify configuration files.  Chose the default options by hitting enter.  If it doesn't continue you may have to hit Ctrl + Z to kill the command.

If the update completed properly you can shut down the computer using the command sudo shutdown -h now.  If it failed then type sudo reboot.  When it starts back up login and open the terminal.  Run the command sudo dpkg --configure -a to repair the failed install.  You will need to hit enter multiple times during the repair.

Then run sudo apt-get update && echo y | sudo apt-get upgrade again.  It should run properly this time.  Once complete type sudo shutdown -h now to shutdown the virtual computer.


Answer the lab questions.

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